Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reflections of a journey well traveled...

Yep. I am wide awake at 5:00 am and smiling. Today has arrived in full fashion. Had to enjoy some quiet time before the natives wake. Nothing like relishing in my thoughts, listening to some music, and sipping just a bit of coffee.

Today is the day. I have spent 2 years in a gym transforming my body for this very moment. I didn't know it then, but it was the plan. I spent two years proving to myself that I was strong and capable. I spent two years learning that the word 'no' was not empowering but to throw on the weights and TRY until one day it moved!!!

I spent the last 17 weeks nourishing my body with clean, whole, healthy foods so that my muscles could grow and the body fat would shed away and I could get to this moment. I
said 'no' to candy, cakes, breads, pastas, dairy, sugar free gum, any garbage that would not fuel my body. I followed a strict nutrition plan without fail to get to this moment.

Not once did I think about quitting. Some days I had to give more than I thought I could to make this happen. For the last three weeks my family has sacrificed so that I could get here.

And here I am. Deep breaths and big smiles. I want to radiate the confidence I feel when I take that stage today! I want the hard work and dedication to be on display for all to see... I want to savor it all and then walk away saying "BOOM! That just happened!" :)

No matter what the paper results say from this competition, this I know: As I sit here this morning, drinking a few sips of coffee and listening to some great music, I know in my heart, in my very soul, that I have already WON! Once again I beat the odds, knocked down the obstacles that were in front of me, spread my wings and FLEW!   

"Shame when the ones who have wings don't use them to fly!"


  1. Awesome job Tabitha and good luck today.

  2. You are a winner EVERY day girl!!! Be proud! Stand tall! (I'll let you stand on my shoulders if you need to)! It has been amazing watching you grow and transform over this past year. I see nothing but greatness when I look at you.