Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Meal Plan from Hell.....

Well I am 10 days out! 10 days from taking the stage! 10 days from performing that routine! 10 days from finishing what I started! i have never felt stronger, more resilient, so unstoppable and capable of achieving anything! I now know that I can ABSOLUTELY do anything I set my mind to!

I have been traveling for over a week now and I have followed every detail of my meal plan and workouts. I have not once strayed from the path. There are no circumstances which could provoke me to risk what I have worked so hard to achieve. I am 100% completely proud of myself! I don't think I have ever felt this way before.  It is a feeling that I want to experience completely. And cherish.

Now for that meal plan! I have my eats for SHOW WEEK! Here goes:
Monday - Wednesday
Breakfast: 1/3 c steel oats/3 oz white fish
Snack: 3 oz white fish/1c brussel sprouts
Lunch: 3 oz white fish/1c asparagus
Snack: 2 egg whites (1/3c quinoa on Wed.)
Dinner: 3 oz white fish/1c asparagus

Breakfast: 1/3c steel oats/3 oz white fish
Snack: 3oz white fish/1c asparagus
*after 1:00 only 8 oz of water rest of day
Lunch: 3 oz white fish
Snack: 1/3 potato
Dinner: 3 oz white fish/1/3 sweet potato

Breakfast: 1/3c steel oats/3 oz white fish
Snack: 1/3 potato
Lunch: 3 oz white fish/1/4c quinoa
Snack: 1/3 potato
Dinner: 1/3 potato 1/3 sweet potato
*8 oz water for entire day drank before dinner. No water after dinner.

Saturday: ((SHOW DAY))

1/3 HOT steel oats/ 1/2 BANANA

20 min before prejudging:
1/2 sweet potato
Pump up 10 min after eating

Before evening show:
1 glass water
4 oz chicken breast
1/3c brown rice


Can you say: BUFFALO WILD WINGS!!!!

So...there we have it. I drink at LEAST a gallon of water every day! The no water will be the hardest part! But it is all temporary and I cannot wait to see the changes my body will make when I go through this week. I am surprised how much of this is about nutrition. It is easily 90% of the equation! And I hope that by reading this blog you can see that this lifestyle is far from is all about sacrifice, hard work, commitment.

10 days!!! Time to finish!!

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