Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Tabitha, Bodybuilding.com would like to feature you....WHAT?!?!?

Yes that was an email I received from bodybuilding.com this year along with some paperwork I had to fill out and submit to be considered for their Over 40 (gulp!) Transformation of the Week. So I filled it out and submitted it and that was that. For those of you not in the know, bodybuilding.com is quite the online community for the fitness elite and the fitness elite wanna-be's (that's me). I was simply thrilled just to receive the email.

Fast forward to November.....and TA-DA!  http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/body-transformation-tabitha-trained-for-the-stage.html#.TsW-Y_XWaOw.facebook 

Not going to lie, THIS was awesome! **insert happy dancing here**

I posted it on facebook and shared with others. Apparently not everyone shares my excitement. I submit the following comment in regards to my feature:

"It is NOT what is on our outside that pleases God, but what is on the inside. a WEIGHTLIFTERS for God program may better suit you."

Hmmm...where does one begin?  This was not a random stranger, this was indeed someone I know very well. I chose to ignore the post because I knew the poster was trying to elicit a response and I wasn't going to play. But it is there, in my mind. If I was a better person anytime this is brought to my mind I would perhaps pray for this person. I generally just refile it, in the junk drawer of my mind. 

But I saw something today that made me think of it again:

Some of us have it. Some of us don't.

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