Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Break: I heart You!

Being a teacher means I get a nice two week break every year at the busiest time possible. It is truly a treat. When life is in full swing I often find myself so lost in routine that I rarely get a moment of stillness. Having 2 weeks off from work, school, and schedules is a gift beyond measure. Tomorrow I return to work, the next week I return to school, and life returns to hectic. I am ready.

This year's agenda is to master my finances. I am such a slacker in this area of my life it is criminal. I have decided this is no longer acceptable for me and I need to take steps to change this. Now is the time. I am sure I will be blogging about it as I go.

I will also take my fitness to a new level. I have been up and down due to a shoulder injury. Done with that. My methods of training will have to change, not whether I do it or not but how I do it. I will move to more reps, more bands, more cables and less heavy upper body lifting. I am absolutely loving my Boot Camps and hope to continue to do those also.

I have 10 pounds to drop in the near future and 10% bodyfat to shed. I am going to join the Biggest Loser competition at work to help motivate me to do this. I LOVE a good competition!!!

6 more classes until I complete my Bachelors, which means 2012 I will graduate from Kendall College. The same year Taylor graduates from high school. That goal has been in progress for 6 long years now!! Two years for my AA, 3 years at Kendall, and 1 year off in between. Wow.....

How appropriate is this.....

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