Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1900 calories...YIKES!

So today was day two of my eating plan. My first three meals are smaller portions, easy to manage. My lunch consists of chicken, rice, and broccoli and LOTS of it. In the container it feels like a brick. One of these days I will weight the full container on my food scale. It takes me 40 minutes to eat it all and I am definitely shoving it in, so to speak, towards the end. After I finished it all today I felt stuffed, over stuffed, I thought. Good grief how I am going to eat again in 3 hours???

Off I went to my meeting...sometime later I feel that 'feed me' message coming from my body. I look at my watch. 3 hours. Almost exactly 3 hours later, on demand. I called Mike..."Ummm, I am hungry again. How is that possible?" He laughed. "It works Tab. Feed your body fuel and it uses it the way it is designed to. Go eat your next meal."
I figured I would learn a few lessons along the way. I just didn't expect it to be on day two. :) 

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