Sunday, January 30, 2011


Two weeks in and I have not veered from my meal plan...not once. I was thinking about this today because I can't recall even the slightest temptation in the last two weeks. No cravings. No wishing I could eat something. Is it the nutrition is satisfying me so I am not missing the junk or what?

As a teacher I have to sit twice a day every day with the kids through a family style meal service. That means I have a plate, in front of me, at the table, full of food that I cannot eat, twice a day. And in two weeks I have not once taken a bite of anything, not one bite. And mind you, I have to pick up my fork and move the food around so the children think I am eating. When I thought about this today I realized a few things. I have conquered the whole eating whatever just because it is there phenomenon. Gone are the days of sitting at the table shoveling in a plate full of food just because it was available to me. And, finally, food has become purposeful for me. I am eating to train my body for these 12 weeks. The eating is part of my training and just as I follow a routine in the gym, I now follow a routine when I eat. For me, it simplifies the process. The guess work is gone.

I don't know how I am able to compartmentalize it and get it done, but for two weeks I have done just that. Apparently i am training not only my body, but also my mind.


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