Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day in the life of ME...

Wake up call @ 4:30 am. Oh joy! Roll out of bed, get dressed, pack my gym bag with work clothes, PM work out clothes, and all the necessities for showering at the gym. Upstairs to the kitchen where I heat up 3 spoons of steel cut oats and toss in a spoon of whey, then sprinkle with cinnamon. This is just a couple bites of food for morning cardio. 
Then I pack the cooler with my eats for the day and fill my two 72 oz water bottles for the day. Sit down and eat and then off to the gym. The girls know I leave at 5:30 sharp. If they are not in the car they do not go to school, period. So far, they have been up and ready on time, everyday. :)
Drop them off at their dads and get to the gym by 6. Then 45 minutes of some mix of cardio because I suffer from cardio ADD. :) Shower at the gym, get ready for work, then heat up my breakfast (1/3 c steel cut oats and 3 egg whites w/ cinnamon) and eat. Call the girls at their dads to make sure they are awake and then off to work I go.
At 8:20 I have a scoop of whey and WATER. The kids come at 8:30, and so the morning begins. Before lunch I drink my first 72 oz bottle of water. Noon is lunch! I heat up my 4 oz of chicken, 3 oz of brown rice, and 1/2 c of low glycemic veggies and eat. Usually I will also drink some green tea at this point.
1:00 the afternoon class comes and so it begins, again! :) 4:30 is my snack time and usually I am starving!! At this point I have consumed most of my second 72 oz bottle of water. Snack is 1/3c  sweet potato and 3 egg whites with more cinnamon! 5:00 and I am off to the gym!

Lifting is first and then cardio again! My goal is to be out of the gym by 7:15. On the way to pick up the girls I have another scoop of whey. We usually get home by 7:45. Then begins the unpacking of everything, starting of laundry, homework checks, etc. By 8:30 I am eating dinner: 1/4c quinoa, 3 oz protein, 1/2 c low glycemic veggie. I usually drink another 32 oz of water after the gym too. If I am lucky I will spend a half hour watching tv or doing something mindless before falling into bed. Then shower and bed by 9 something. All of my school work has to be done on the weekends or I am toast. So far, I have been able to keep my Deans List status and GPA up.  

4:30 wake up call and I do it all again! :) 4 more weeks!


  1. You are simply amazing girl!!! You are making dreams come true!!! I cannot wait to see you strut like a peacock on that stage! Own it girl!

  2. Amazing! 4 more weeks! You are almost there!