Friday, April 1, 2011

I am just along for the ride....

Okay, so had the dreaded cheeseburger and the next morning the scale said 131.0. The day before it had been at 130.6. Pfft....silliness. I guess my body really does have this.

Yesterday was a day of driving. Taylor and I went to UW Platteville for her first college visit. They had contacted her about playing volleyball and so we went. We really enjoyed the day! Had a tour, she had lunch with three girls from the volleyball team, then we met the coaches and chatted with them for a bit. We had no expectations going in and were very pleased with the results. I stayed on task with my eating but did add in 2 Clif Builder Bars during the tour/lunch/visit etc. I also went to the gym at 6 am before we left and then went again at 6 pm, so both rounds of cardio were accomplished yesterday! Scale this morning....129.8. Kind of freaky how fast the weight is falling off of me right now.

On another note....the brand new jeans I bought 3 weeks ago and set aside for summer, don't fit. They were falling off of me with the belt on the last hole. This weekend I am getting another new pair. I have to have at least one pair of jeans that fits! I know my body is going to change again after the show, but I want to be able to wear clothes that fit me in the meantime too. Looks like I will be trying size 6?!?!

Just about at the 5 week mark and I think I have figured out that I am just along for the ride. As long as I do exactly what I am supposed to per Niki....this is all going to fall right into place. I just get to be a witness to the path my body is taking right now. Crazy. Fun. Exciting.

And....posing practice every night after cardio start today. I have to nail down these poses in the next 5 weeks and it is VERY difficult to do. But with practice I know I shaky body on stage for me.

have a beautiful day!!!      

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  1. LOVE it beautiful girl! I love your dream! I love your progress! I love your faithful commitment.