Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 weeks to GOAL!

I am not sure how but I was totally off on my weeks til countdown. Somehow I thought there were nine weeks until the Show Date....then yesterday, with a calendar in hand, I counted! 12 weeks!! Wow..I feel like I just discovered gold! 3 entire months to continue to build!!

******Happy Dancing******

Added in a 20 minute cardio session last night. We are up to 2 a days! :) Scale said 140.8 ((LOLZ))  It must be PMS week....water retention. Pfft.

Practicing my TBA's twice a day now too! I have to get this core STRONG so that I can hold in my abs and support my body through the routines and poses on stage! How much can a body change in 12 weeks anyway???

This was my back in October 2010.

This is now. Significantly leaner, v taper coming in. Shoulds and lats showing a bit. The leaner I get the more it will show. And the arms are quite a bit leaner too. L-O-N-G, S-L-O-W process!

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