Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 5 begins!

The scale says 140.4. Still. I love it. Seriously. It makes me laugh. I know for sure that by the time I actually do hit the 130 mark it will be for real since I have been stuck at 140.something for two weeks now.  Too funny.... It's like the scale and I are at a standoff, only the scale doesn't realize I will win. 

2nd posing practice yesterday....much better! And started learning my routine. Yes, that word makes me break out in hives...just sayin! The good news is we are not judged on our routines. The bad news is if you don't have your toes in exactly the right place while you are posing you will get disqualified. Now, THAT would lots of posing practice in my future.

New diet plan next week and rumor has it I will be kissing my beloved fruit goodbye for a while. This week I will savor every bite....I know that I will most miss my blueberries in my oatmeal.

So let's see what week 5 has in store for me! Or should I say, Let's see what I have in store for it!!!

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