Thursday, February 24, 2011


The one word to describe this week. All these grey skies make me want to crawl into bed. I really hate it. grumble, grumble. 

Have not been getting my cardio in this week....not good. But what is done is done and changing that starting tomorrow. No more misses on the dreaded "C" until May 7th!! Good silly to knock everything else out of the park and screw it up with this. Plus I would probably be less gloomy if I was getting up and doing cardio!! Don't ya love how I lecture myself. ;)

On another note...after my shoulder workout Tuesday I was posing in my bathroom mirror and I could literally follow my veins from my chest out through my arms. They were clearly visible and I could see them filling up while I held the pose. Oh the little things!! :) Whoeve thought seeing my veins would have me happy dancing!!! Progress baby!!! An obvious indicator that I am getting lean! 

Went heavy on leg press last night....5 sets of 10. Started with 250 and ended with 520. :) Love it!!

Enjoy your thankful for the opportunity!!

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