Friday, March 18, 2011

Eating clean...

Went to a presentation by Dr Jack Barnathan last night. Always an eye opener to hear people in the medical field talk about the benefits of eating clean over filling your body with crap supplements!

Why DO we take fish oil from capsules that have been packaged God knows where, God knows how long ago, sitting on God knows what shelf for how long, travelling across what continent to get to the that shelf WHEN we can just eat some trout or salmon or char????? We have let the marketing geniuses warp our minds. We have sold out to convenience and packaging....


I feel so much better eating clean.  I know this is a lifestyle change not a temporary training diet. VOILA!

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  1. LOVE it Tabs!!! Keep leading the way girl! I'm right there with you!!! I love this lifestyle so much I want everyone to enjoy the good health I am so fortunate to have a passion to pursue!