Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My newest AH-HA moment!

So yesterday and today the weather has been crappy, my sinuses have been aggravating me, my energy level has been zero...blah. It's this time of year, it just happens. But this year I am training for a competition and can't afford to give in to the feeling. So last night I did a quick shoulder/tricep/cardio and out in an hour. 
Tonight was HEAVY LEG DAY....really? How do you swing heavy legs when you only feel like going to bed?? I got off owrk at 5 and went through the drive thru for a medium black coffee. Drank it on my way to the gym. Praying please help me get energy...please. lol Got to the gym and decided to go ahead and start with my BB Squats! It's my favorite exercise and it would be a good warm up. I also decided to do them barefoot (translation, in socks no shoes). I haven't done this in a while and I really like them this way! I feel like I have a very sturdy foundation! to the Squat Rack. 2 sets with the bar, then a 35 on each side. 10 reps. Move it up to 45's. 10 reps. Move it up 155. 8 reps. Feeling good. One more ten on each side...175. And 8 reps. Still good. Mike came over and put my next weights on for me while I rested. Move me up to 195 and said get 5. So I did. Then he put more weight on. I did 4. 205. Then rested and he threw on more weights. 215 for 3. Hey....that is my best. :) Now I am thinking I got in a good squat workout and he throws on more weights. 225?!?! He says one strong one. Let's go! So I do. One squat at 225 pounds. Wow!! That's 90- pounds more than I weigh! I'll take it.
  I finish with leg press and front squats....nothing heavy just good weights and good form. Then calf raises and I am done. 
And I feel like I conquered the world. Not necessarily because I squatted 225 but because I didn't go home. I didn't quit AND I didn't half ass my workout!! 

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