Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 weeks.....yikes!

Only 9 weeks to go until Show! Everything is coming together. Went out of town this weekend and packed every meal...did not cheat once! Just ate my meals like I do at home! Did not get any weight training in on Friday or Saturday but did get my cardio in. Tried on bathing suits and had to have a size small top and medium bottom....and I was completely thrilled with what I saw in the mirror!! This summer is going to be ROCKIN!

Bodyfat is down to 19.8%...HELLO teens!!! :) That is really a great feeling! My boobs have disappeared...if anyone finds them tell them hello for me! :)

I still doubt that I will be muscular enough to compete in my bodybuilding category...but I know I will be in THE BEST shape of my life!! 

9 weeks baby......9 weeks!

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