Thursday, March 10, 2011

THIS is why I teach at Head Start, of all places.

This is a letter a family from last year brought to me this week. This family was struggling so much last year, grandma was really having a hard time and we went to great lengths to support them and give them all the help we possibly could. This is WHY I teach at Head Start...of all places! It is not glamorous but the children and families are owrth every minute of my time and I really do love when they let me know how we helped.  
Hello, my name is ____. My grandson completed two years of Head Start at the Orton Keyes site. I am proud to say that he is now in Kindergarten. He has been on the Honor Roll since he started Kindergarten and his behavior has been great. He's a role model for the other students in his class and is one of 6 children in accelerated learning.
I believe that without the teachers and staff at Orton Keyes James would not be where he is today in his schooling. He enjoys school and excitedly talks about his day when he comes home from school.
I would like to thank the teachers and staff at Head Start for giving James the opportunity to excel in school and his personal life. We're looking forward to the opportunity for his brother, who is two years of age, to begin the learning process at Orton Keyes Head Start.
Once again, thank you so much for being there for us.  Please be a voice for the children and families that NEED this program.

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